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Myrna and Raheni

Raheni is Boricua living wherever they can create sustainable healing gardens, from Borikén (Puerto Rico) to upstate New York and San Francisco, California. They have shared their healing knowledge with us in various indigenous and Afro-Indigenous ceremonial spaces in Austin, Texas and the Dominican Republic. They are certified in massage therapy. They are a committed sun dancer and maintain a spiritual healing practice deeply rooted in indigeneity while simultaneously honoring their Afro-descendant roots; they foster spaces for queer peoples committed to reconnecting and/or preserving their Indigenous sacred knowledges. Myrna, their partner, is an herbalist that strives to maintain Boricua herbal healing traditions alive in the island and diaspora. Together they host spaces to share medicine and support ceremonies that recognize Afro-Indigenous healing traditions from Borikén in the island and the diaspora.

Myrna (left) and Raheni (right). Borikén/Puerto Rico. 2018


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