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Other Projects

Here we share some of the academic and spiritual projects that are in conversation with this endeavor. Visit them to get a larger view of the world we humbly attempt to document in this site.

M Jacqui Alexander – The Tobago Centre for the Study and Practices of Indigenous Spirituality

The Tobago Centre for the Study and Practice of Indigenous Spirituality is dedicated to the trans-generational preservation of ancestral knowledge and indigenous spiritual traditions through study, practice and reflection.  It has a deep commitment to maintaining the unity across these traditions and to fostering a holistic way of living that is based in respecting the intelligence of the sacred Land.

Maria Benedetti Botanicultura

María Benedetti directs BotaniCultura.  Her educational offerings include lively conferences, plant identification excursions, meditations with trees, hands-on workshops, empirical folklore exchanges, and a 25-hour “fundamentals and certification course” (Bendiciones Botánicas) focused on the recognition, understanding and uses of Puerto Rico’s medicinal herbs, bushes and trees.  She also offers an on-line/ersidential course for Puerto Ricans living off island.

Caribbean Ethnobotany

Betsy, a Ph.D. student in the Integrative Biology department at University of California, Berkeley.  My general research interests lie in the intersection of the fields of evolution, tropical ecology, and ethnobotany. In the past, these topics of interest have taken me all over the Caribbean, US, and even down to the Chilean Patagonia. Specifically, I am interested in how humans can promote evolutionary responses and plasticity in culturally significant plants in the Caribbean Basin. My current research focus is on the calabash trees, a Neotropical group of plants in the genus Crescentia within the family Bignoniaceae.

Revista Cubana de Plantas Medicinales

This magazine provides immediate free access to its content under the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater exchange of global knowledge.