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Abbebe Oshun

Abbebe Oshun is a poet and journalist. As a journalist, she traveled all over the world. Her trips to the Congo and Egypt opened a path to her current healing practices. One day she received a spiritual message: she would build and lead a ceremonial community in the Dominican Republic devoted to healing and empowering women. That is how she became a migrant in the Dominican Republic and the Iya (or mother) of her ilé, a home in Santo Domingo that receives people seeking healing. People come to her ilé from the US, Honduras, Holland, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic. She attends anyone in need of spiritual attention through both espiritismo and regla de osha . Oshún’s motto is “Obedi kaka, Obedi lele” (Knowledge was spread around the world). She prides herself for building an ilé where all healing and ancestral lineages are honored and respected. She deploys her usual spiritual healing tools, as well as reiki, sanación pránica and the de luz, in her daily praxis. Since 2012, she has accompanied Indigenous women healers in Mexico, the U.S. and the Dominican Republic.

Abbebe Oshun in her home, answering a phone call from one of her many ahijados.


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Urban Garden

When Abbebe Oshun moved into her house in 2016, there was only concrete and rock. Slowly, over the years, she has transformed her garden, planting bushes, trees and vines that correspond to the orishas.