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Tropical Forest

The forest where Adela gathers her medicine, with the clouds gathering at dusk. 500 feet above sea level.

Adela’s Garden and Forest: Adela cares for plants within a tropical forest that spans 200 acres. The forest has been actively cared for and cultivated for at least four generations. The forest contains a high degree of bio-diversity. There are many plants that are intentionally planted – like the castor plant, and many that have been tended for generations, like the plant known as “cabrita.” Others grow wild, and are tended to through practices that aim to minimally disturb the soil and plant habitat, while fostering the health of the total eco-system. In the area around her house, Adela had plants that she had transplanted from the forest, so as to have greater access (these tended to be plants she uses with greater frequency, like “palo de raton”). To harvest plants for medicine, Adela prepares for at least a week, and on the day when she goes to harvest, she goes before sunrise and walks in silence. 

Plant Guide for Tropical Forest