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Keep up with current news, events, and activities pertinent to the project. Look for a presentation near you.

Check our newly released research guide for K-12 teachers.

Check our newly released research guide for K-12 teachers. Engage your students. From history to fiction, all resources appropriate for the K-12 classroom teaching Latin American/Latinx Studies, Caribbean Studies, Ethnic Studies, culture, history, botany. 

April 22nd 2020 Digital Humanities Project Soft Launch Event Recording Available!

Thanks to all the people who asked us to record the launch. Here find Dr. Alai Reyes-Santos, Dr. Ana-Maurine Lara, Iya Jannes Martinez and UO Libraries Team Franny Gaede, Azle Manilao-Alvarez, Anna Lepska, and Kathryn Thornhill discussing with our online audience why and how the project was conceptualized and implemented.

Join us (virtually) on Earth Day, Sept. 22nd.

At a time when discussions about access to health care are so central in media, learn about how Caribbean healers in the islands and the PNW deploy AfroIndigenous traditions to care for their communities.

Join us (virtually) on Earth Day, Sept. 22nd, for the soft opening of the Caribbean Healers Project.

RSVP here: to get access to our virtual space.

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Journeys on the Dusty Road

Ana-Maurine Lara (PhD) is a scholar and a national award-winning novelist and poet. She is the author of: Erzulie’s Skirt (RedBone Press, 2006), When the Sun Once Again Sang to the People (KRK Ediciones, 2011), Watermarks and Tree Rings (Tanama Press, 2011)Kohnjehr Woman (RedBone Press, 2017), Cantos (letterpress, limited edition 2015), and Sum of Parts (Tanama Press, 2019). Her academic books include: Queer Freedom: Black Sovereignty (SUNY Press, forthcoming 2020) and Streetwalkers: LGBTQ Lives and Protest in the Dominican Republic (Rutgers University Press, forthcoming 2020). Lara’s work focuses on questions of black and indigenous people and freedom. She has been published in literary journals (Sable LitMag, Transitions Literary Journal), scholarly journals (Small Axe, Bilingual Revue, Sargasso, Feminist Review) and numerous anthologies, as a scholar and as a creative writer. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon, in the Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Caribbean Women Healers: Digital Scholarship Team Site

The intention of this digital scholarship project team site is to be a public-facing resource for anyone actively involved in developing the Caribbean Women Healers digital humanities project. It is also meant to be a resource for folx interested in following along with the project’s overall development start and scholarly work celebration. You can find general project updates via the blog, explore the project’s kanban board to view what it is actively worked on, read about who are working together to build Caribbean Women Healers, and review what tools are used for team communications.