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Urban Garden

Abbebe Oshun’s Garden: When Abbebe Oshun moved into her house in 2016, there was only concrete and rock. Slowly, over the years, she has transformed her garden, planting bushes, trees and vines that correspond to the orishas. She started with the palm tree out front, and sugar cane out back. Then she added plantain trees, “mar pacífico” and aloe. In her open garage, she has over forty plants in pots. Her favorite, though, is “la prodigiosa,” used for all manner of healings and tending – especially for the many godchildren who pass through her home throughout the year. In the back of her house, she has the spirits’ garden – dedicated to her guardian spirits, and the orishas of her godchildren. It is out front where in between the fronds, and roots, one will find small objects dedicated to Changó, Ogún, Oya, and Oshún.

An urban garden dedicated to the Orishas, located in the outskirts of Santo Domingo.

Plant Guide for Urban Garden